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Spiritual Coaching/Guidance/Healing Services

Complete Tarot Reading (9 Card Pull)

This tarot reading will give you guidance that is derives from the past, present, and future. This guidance will resonate based on what is imperative for you to receive at that very moment.

Intuitive Oracle Reading

Oracle readings are used as a tool for self reflection, insight, and spiritual advice on how to level up on this journey of life.

Welcome to the Vibe Tribe!

I invite the locals of Charleston who are open to growth, healing, and spirituality to join me on Sundays for my #hopinbitchwehealing series🦋If you are ready to begin your sacred journey towards radical self love, self care and self discovery, I highly encourage you to join me! My spiritual guidance services include guided meditations, affirmations and oracle/tarot readings. This will cover general overall guidance for your life path/journey. All guidance derives from your archangels, ancestors and spirt guides. ☯️🧿

Guided Prayer and Meditation

During this session, you will take the time to pray for your needs and to leave all of your pain and worries to the most high.

Spiritual Laws of Growth, Womanhood, and Ascension 

This healing session will guide you to focus on areas in your life that will lead you on the path to growth and ascension. What extra baggage do you need to release? What toxic cycles do you need to break out of? How can you tap into all of your talents, gifts, and capabilities? After prayer, meditation, and an Oracle reading, I will write your a detailed self-love prescription that will give you the guidance and motivation to take that leap of faith on your journey to growth and ascension!

Learn and Affirm

During this session together we will put together a list of affirmations that align with your needs for growth and healing


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